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Chat Rules of the Nest:

The primary intent of this chat room is to provide a place to discuss the Eagles.

This chat is intended to be family friendly. People from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds and ages come here to view the eagles, learn about wildlife and get to know others. To keep the group open to people interested in the White Rock Eagles, certain topics are not allowed. Please avoid any conversations or comments that are threatening, abusive, racist, demeaning, excessively controversial, political, religious, of an adult nature or otherwise not appropriate for children.

This certainly does not mean that nothing else can be talked about, but we do ask you to avoid "soapboxing", or monopolizing the conversation. The Moderators of this chat room, may ask that chat slow down at certain times or that certain topics be dropped. When we ask you to stop, please do so.


Please also refer to the Chatango Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Our moderators reserve the right to delete, remove (without notice) any user content, or terminate access of any user in its sole discretion, for any reason or no reason.


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