White Rock Eagle Cam – About Us

The White Rock Eagle Cam Website was originally designed to host the Hornby Island eagles, but when Doug Carrick resigned from Webcasting the Hornby eagles; many people felt lost. I wanted to give them a place where they could continue to enjoy an experience similar to the Hornby eagles experience. So after reviewing several other eagle cams, and asking for suggestions from former Hornby Island eagle viewers, I decided that because of the high-definition, infra-red, and beautiful scenery on the wide-angle cam, and similarities to the Hornby Island cams, that the White Rock Eagles nest would be the most suitable replacement. I then asked Richard Pitt at Hancock Wildlife Foundation for permission to host the cams on this Website, and he graciously granted permission.
The White Rock Eagle cams are in White Rock British Columbia, Canada. White Rock is in Southwestern BC near the US/Canadian border and is not far from Vancouver Island. The wide-angle cam looks across Boundary Bay at Tsawwassen BC.

The cameras are privately owned. Technical support and maintenance are provided by HWF, and Streaming is made possible through WildEarthTV. Domain names and Web hosting are provided by Raptorman through Godaddy.

It is my sincere hope that you will find your experience here an enjoyable one.