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Author Topic: Help With New WildEarth Flash Player  (Read 5040 times)

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Help With New WildEarth Flash Player
« on: Fri Apr 04 2014 10 31 PM »
If you're having trouble viewing the cams, please make sure that you have the latest version of your browser and the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player.  Also; please make sure that any ad-block add-ons are disabled in your browser.
The latest flash player can be found here:

Next; Please close the cam page and clear your browser cache, and then reload the page.
If you don't know how to clear your browser cache please refer to the instructions in this article:'s-Cache

Alternately; you can use the "C-cleaner application to clear your browser cache and cookies:

For those of you still having issues after following the above instructions; Hancock Wildlife Foundation has created a thread in their forums that is dedicated to support for the new players. For those of you having issues with the new player; I urge you to visit this page: or contact WildEarthTV for support with any technical issues.

As many of you know, the Whiterock Eagle Chat Website is not an official sponsor of the cams. We were graciously granted permission by Richard Pitt at Hancock Wildlife Foundation to use the cams in order to help promote wildlife awareness. As an additional benefit; the revenue generated from the additional viewership also helps WildEarth and Hancock Wildlife Foundation to pay the overhead for the operating expenses related to streaming and maintaining the websites, media servers, cameras, and bandwidth. Without getting into a lot of technical details it's important to keep in mind that those expenses, and the labor and knowledge required to make it all happen is nothing short of amazing.

On April 24th, Judy at Hancock Wildlife Foundation was kind enough to share with us some information about the new WildEarth Flash player.

Quote from: Judy at Hancock Wildlife Foundation
WildEarth has provided us with new embed codes which we'll be adding over the coming week (having a more-than-full-time real job does get in the way sometimes!)  We have demo pages up - see

We also have a thread with solutions to common problems discovered by our beta testers -

Here's what Peter from WildEarth said about the new codes:

The new code will have a couple of features that are new:

• The players can also be viewed on iPhones and iPads (Android is being worked on, that could possibly follow next week but I cannot promise that.)

• The time will automatically update when the change is made to and back from daylight savings time.

• It will allow sharing from the player itself.

• It is resizable so it is easier to integrate in existing website designs.

• It will (automatically) adjust its height based on the chosen aspect ratio and will fit any ratio chosen.

• It offers the option to have the stream autostart or wait for a user to click on the start button

A couple of implementation points for the webmaster:

• When embedding both the <iframe> and <script> parts need to be embedded. The script code below the iframe code

• When fitting the embed onto a page, the only variable that needs to be changed for resizing is the ‘width’ value. The little script will calculate the corresponding height based on the player’s aspect ratio.

• I’ve tried to set all aspect ratios to their correct value already, but should on be not exact (e.g. if some stream are more 3:2 instead 4:3) they cam be altered easily by changing the value of the ‘aspectratio’ parameters in the iframe part of the code (keep the format as x:y) AND the corresponding value of the ‘ratio’ variable in the script part (format here must remain ‘x/y’).

• The value of the ‘autostart’ parameter must be ‘true’ or ‘false’, depending on whether the stream should autostart upon loading the player or not.

I will note that we've discovered that there seems to be some padding around the cam window, so I've set the width to 657, which appears to make the actual cam width 640 (as near as I can tell - if you find something that gets closer to 640, please let me know - seems odd that it's an odd number, but it seemed closer than 656 or 658.)

We are not using autostart - many of our pages have more than one cam, and we don't want them all starting if people only want to view one.

Let me know if you have any questions - keeping in mind that I may not be able to reply too quickly - I'm expecting a busy week at work, so breaks may be few and far between.

Judy ("JudyB")

After receiving this information I immediately began creating some new Web pages to publish for testing purposes. After getting some input from many of our viewers, I made some modifications, tested the new pages with different operating systems, and different browsers. I also checked the Webpage code to be sure that it complied as much as possible with w3c compliance standards.

Yesterday; to my surprise I became aware that the old WildEarth Flash player was retired and would no longer work on our existing pages - so I immediately published the new pages using the existing Web address that previously hosted the old player. For the most part, people seem happy with the changes and are having no issues. Others have been unable to view the cams using the new players.
For the most part, those issues have been related to Ad-block on peoples' browsers. As mentioned earlier; there are hosting and other related expenses. WildEarth and Hancock Wildlife Foundation rely solely on donations and advertising revenue to make the eagle-viewing experience available to all of us. IMO, the advertisements, though sometimes a minor annoyance are a small price to pay for such a great experience and are in general less intrusive than the commercials that you would normally see on network cable programs that you pay your cable provider for. Using Ad-block defeats the purpose of using the ads to generate revenue and as a result, the players have been designed so that the cams can't be viewed with ad-block enabled.

Judy at Hancock Wildlife Foundation has been quite gracious and helpful and is currently compiling a list of questions and issues for WildEarth.

As always; we will also try to help each other out in our chat room.

Please be patient and understanding as we all work through this new transition together.



For those interested in learning a bit about the more technical details of what exactly goes on behind the scenes, I urge you to read the information in the following links:
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Re: Help With New WildEarth Flash Player
« Reply #1 on: Wed May 30 2018 10 43 AM »
HWF is no longer using WildEarth for streaming the White Rock Eagles. The Eagles are being streamed through YouTube and should work with any browser capable of viewing YouTube videos.
I dream of a better tommorow, where chickens can cross the road and not have their motives questioned.