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Author Topic: Help With New WildEarth Player on Mobile Devices  (Read 2555 times)

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Help With New WildEarth Player on Mobile Devices
« on: Fri Apr 04 2014 11 27 PM »
The new WildEarth flash player should be compatible now with many mobile devices.

According to Judy at Hancock Wildlife Foundation, the player has been tested and is know to work with the following devices and browsers:
Apple computers and other devices

 Desktop - Safari works, Firefox works

 MacBooks - Safari does not work, Firefox works (no clue why Safari doesn't work - being researched); Update 3/30/14 - I think Safari now works, but need a couple of additional MacBook users to confirm that - if you have a MacBook, please give it a try and PM me with the results - thanks!

 iPads - Safari works

 iPhones - should work with Safari

 iPod touch version 6.1.6 - works with Safari

Android tablets and smart phones

Not yet - but the folks at WildEarth know it's a growing market, and will no doubt be looking for a way to make it work

 *According to Peter, Microsoft will stop sending security updates for Windows XP next month which means those that keep using beyond that time it will expose themselves increasingly to malicious attacks; Firefox's most recent version works with it (meaning with the latest security updates and features, which in light of the above will become even more important), whereas IE8 (the most recent version that's compatible with XP) is almost as old as XP itself.

For others with mobile devices which aren't supported, you might also consider trying the following aps:

Skyfire can be downloded here:

Photon Flash can be downloaded here:

Another app that may work on iPhone is the Puffin Browser:

If you're having trouble viewing the cam on devices other than mobile devices please refer to this thread:[/color]
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